Hi! I’m Dee, and I’m a nature lover, merchandiser, aspiring marketer, gardening enthusiast, and a lettering artist.

Based in Ontario, Canada. On a mission to create lettering prints that inspire creatives to discover their adventures.

Making crafts starts from the heart

In 2018, in the midst of switching careers and technological experimentation, the moment inspired me to incorporate art into work. Self taught typography and icon design with Adobe Creative Cloud suite since the teens, contemplated creating letterforms and digitally enhance fonts. 

​Meanwhile, been learning from calligraphers and interacting with the community where I mainly posted nature pics, connections formed while tribute lettering typographers whom I licensed their script fonts. That zeal inspired me to create my own take on lettering because I enjoyed OpenType script font versatility so much ! 

The seeds were planted! While learning, sharing projects and tips with the community, nature lettering theme was born as I’ve felt calmer within minutes of trekking in woodlands.

I offer prints, quotes, envelope addressing, custom calligraphy, and lettering worksheets.

Thank you for your support and looking forward to seeing where this wayfare heads! Let’s be Friends! 

Yours Truly,


Let’s get to know each other more!